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PR job prospects looking good in 2011

Fresh of the PR News Online via the Creative Group: Jobs opportunities to increase in Q1 of 20011.

—  —  —  —  —  —  —  —  —  —  —  —  —  —  —  —  —  —  —  —  —  —  —  —  —  —  —  —  —  —  —  —  —

▶ PR Positions in Demand: A new report tracking marketing and advertising finds that account services, public relations and social media are the areas in strongest demand among executives who plan to hire in the first quarter of 2011. Among the findings from The Creative Group study:

• The top five areas of hiring are account services (16%); public relations (15%); social media (15%); interactive media (14%); and media services (13%).

• A net 4% of marketing and advertising executives surveyed anticipate increasing personnel in the next three months, up 1 point from the previous quarter.

• 93% of executives say they are confident in their firm’s prospects for growth in Q1, unchanged from the previous quarter.

• Nearly half (48%) of executives said they are concerned about losing top creative talent to other job opportunities in the coming year, up 7 points from last quarter.

Source: The Creative Group

Personal Branding

Here’s a link to a great Q&A article about personal branding and how that WILL give you an advantage going into 2011 where most recruiters are using that google search like a “drug test.” Dan Schawbel: Confidence For Jobs In 2011.

New Years Reevaluation

It’s that time of the fleeting year, where we as a society begin to analyze what changes and/ or additions we can bring to our lives to make them better. The constant flood of weight watchers and gym commercials are a clear indicator of this clockwork mentality.

After losing weight, I feel most people are looking to reevaluate their job situation. Whether that be by changing career paths, asking for a raise, or for many of us, actually finding a job. I’m not going to lie, this past week or so, my job searching has been a bit laxed. I’ve ignored my golden rule that finding a job, in itself, is a full-time job.

This week however, I’m back on the wagon, (both in diet and in job searching *double-cough*). While the holidays for some reason can be depressing for some, for a job seeker it’s ideal! I’ll tell you why. Most PR firms are doing their budgeting for the next year; looking over the number, evaluating the freedom to expand or not, and looking at what clients are coming in or looking to gain its business.

So for that reason I feel like within the next couple of month’s I’d expect to see more openings to start popping up.

Along with focusing even harder, if that’s possible, on landing a job. I’ve also tried to focus harder on staying current on the news. The black and white days of getting the daily paper and perusing it over breakfast, died with the DOT COM. Not only, as an informed human being do I feel the need to stay current, but as a job seeker, the luxury is now a necessity. Then the question is where to start? With what publication(s)?

The rule of thumb I live by in this case, is I pick a reputable online newspaper that’s well rounded. It’s not easy and each paper has it’s own stance. Then I look towards publications that pertain to the PR industry and then sectors in which I fancy myself working in. Lastly I pick a blog or two on my blogroll and read up on their latest contributions. I take an hour, or two and do this everyday. Trying to be everywhere at one, especially when it comes to news for one, isn’t practical, and two, it’ll drive you crazy. Also, somethings aren’t particularly relatable.

In the past, I struggled with this. News seemed to mark my arrival into adulthood, which I tried to avoid. Now in my maturing mindset I see its value. If a company can see how you can match the current trends and relate that information to their clients or potential clients, it’s an asset for sure. Plus, most people doing the 9-5 grind, don’t have the luxury of taking the two hours to be informed. It’s not only a novelty, but it’s something that distinguishes you from competition.

I’m sure there are many more things that I can add to my reevaluation, but I’m a realist. I recall a piece of advice my AP history teacher asked me in high school. “Mackey [he liked to call his students by their last name], do you want to be good at a bunch of things, or excellent in a couple?” I took that to heart and bring a level of practicality to the new year.

I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas and like me are looking forward to 2011!

“Eye of the Intern” Blog

Today I received the email confirming I am one of five bloggers to write for’s Eye of the Intern” blog. Usually they recruit current students, in a variety of fields, but I guess I “pitched” myself well. I’ll be linking all of my posts for EOTI here, so stay tuned for that, I start in January!

Manic Monday

Yesterday was crazy and wonderful all in one. I was blessed to have three interviews in three different PR sectors: corporate, boutique agency and non profit, back-to-back-to-back.

My first interview was with Turner PR, as I mentioned I would interviewing with. I must say I was bit nervous walking in, comparable to meeting a celebrity. I’m not even sure why, I don’t get nervous usually, plus being that it was an unpaid internship that I was being interviewed for, there shouldn’t have been much pressure. Don’t get me wrong, it would be wonderful to get employed there, but somehow when it’s full-time paid position the stakes are higher, especially as a recent graduate.

It was a good interview as interviews go. Oddly enough though, the questions they asked me weren’t experience focus. It was more of a description of the internship program and what I would be doing. Either way, whatever comes from this, I hope that I’ve made some contacts that I can add to my network.

(HELPFUL TIP) Should you not get the job/ decide for whatever reason it’s not meant for you, follow up with an email, asking them if it would ok to keep in touch and follow up with them at a later date. Assuming they agree (99% success rate) add them to you LinkedIn network.

My second interview was the Big Kahuna! Weber Shandwick, which is a company whose results speak from itself. This interview was for AE position in their technology and healthcare sector. The woman who I interviewed with was just as nice as you can be. She’s been with the company for 16 years and her zeal for her clients and Weber Shandwick in general was evident.

The interview went well. Usually most out-of-college YoPRo’s aren’t slated for AE positions, but she was impressed with what I had accomplished in during my time in college and the fact that I was teachable and willing to work hard.

(HELPFUL TIP) Sometimes you can be the most qualified person in the world, but if you aren’t willing to learn and be teachable, you often won’t make the cut. Sure, most supervisors don’t want to hold your hand, and expect you to learn quick, but especially with a new working environment, there are things to learn. Next time you’re in an interview make sure to mention that you may lack experience in a certain area i.e., media pitching, but you learn quick and are very teachable. Employers eat that up!

My final interview of the day was with the Alzheimers Association. I met this woman through a PRSA event, through a person in my network. It to is an unpaid internship position, as most non-profits are, but promised a lot of hands-on experience. That’s really the beauty of the non-profit world, they need they help and because of that you’re able to work on different things that maybe an agency wouldn’t let you work on.

I actually wouldn’t call this an interview, it was more of a ‘where are you in your career’ talk, and how can I help you. It’s so rare, to hear those words. Because I don’t live in the heart of Denver, she agreed to let me work virtually from home, which is something that I can totally do. The AA has a large press conference that their organizing with the Governor of Colorado that I’ll be able to help with as well as their annual Polar Plunge, at the Boulder Reservoir. Fun projects that will allow me to work on the gamut of skills necessary in the PR industry.

(HELPFUL TIP) A lot of student complain about the lack of internships available. Well try this on for size. Volunteer your services for a non-profit. My first internship was with a transitional house in my college town. I did a PR plan for them for their upcoming summer fundraiser. It’s a great way to implement the tools you’ve learned in the classroom. Find a NP that interest you and give them a call, say you’re a PR student looking to gain some experience, would it be possible to come in and talk with them. Simple.

Now it’s the waiting game (my favorite!). Even if none of these transpire into actual employment, it’s still rewarding to get some interview practice and realize that I’m worth a look at.

Heart vs. Mind: On the PR battlefield

Tomorrow I have an interview with Turner PR in Denver. And tonight as I was perusing its web site, for what must have been the 50th time in preparation for tomorrow, I was struck by an overwhelming sense of jubilation and confliction.

When I decided to go into public relations, I had a general idea of what it was- I knew that I would be able to utilize my love for creative writing, research, and relationship building. What sealed the deal was a random google search for “travel pr.” Who would’ve guessed that after I hit enter, my overall vision and purpose for my time in college and burgeoning career would change?

The google search poped out a variety of cases studies, travel guides and of course firms specializing in that exact thing. One of which was Turner PR. It wasn’t even the client list including: Eddie Bauer, The North Face, REI, KSWISS- responsible for ‘Desert Smash,’ a charity golf and TENNIS event (HELLO! Talk about perfect for me!). It was the people behind those campaigns. These principals are cultured, passionate and add charisma to this niche of public relations. Adjectives that I would attribute to myself as well.

How can the son of a glorified chef, outdoor enthusiast, travel maven (if not now, one day), sport zealot and the fact that I was born and raised in Hawaii not be cut out for this type of work? Not to mention the qualifications I have on the PR side of things.*I’m not usually this boastful, at all. But given this is filed under ‘inner dialogue’ you get what you get.*

Going into tomorrow’s interview, I know two things: 1. It’s 20 hr/week unpaid internship and 2. It’s my dream firm. How do I begin to calculate the risk vs. reward of this situation? On one hand, I have this great opportunity, granted I get offered the position to potentially work my way into a AAE position at this firm, if that growth is possible. On the other hand I’ve graduated, have bills to pay, live 60 miles away from Denver (talk about a commute) and would have to turn down potential interests from interviews that I’ve already had and waiting to hear back from (that are either paid internships of entry-level jobs).

Following your heart, has been a centralized theme for mankind, from the moment our species was breathed into existence. Turner PR was a main if not the reason I pursued this career path in addition to the reason I already stated earlier. All of us, no matter what career we’ve chosen for ourselves was inspired by someone or something.

I’ve always sought opportunities that are rewarding and fulfilling. It’s what makes doing something you love so important.

Wish me luck!