“Why Asking for a Job is the Worst Way to Actually Find a Job”

Last night I participated in a HAPPO’s (Help A PR Pro Out) Twitter chat. The format was a simple Q & A between current public relations students, recent graduates and “champs” or PR pros who have been in the business for a while. The last question of the night asked the champs to offer links to potential jobs. To paint a scene of what happen next, do you remember the scene in The 10 Commandments where Moses and his people cross the Red Sea, and then when the Pharisees’ army tries to do the same, the ocean collapses on them? Well that’s what it was like, YoPRo after YoPRo tweeted “hire me” faster then my TweetDeck column could keep up with.

I’m happy to report that I wasn’t one of those YoPRo’s. In fact, my tact earned me a new contact (rhyme not intended). Anne Buchanan, president of Philadelphia’s Buchanan Public Relations, also took notice of how many emerging public relations practitioners were going about getting a job the wrong way. She recently just posted a blog entry entitled, “Why Asking for a Job is the Worst Way to Actually Find a Job.” I encourage people to read up on her tips to set yourself up for success. Hint: It’s a little thing called networking.


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