New Years Reevaluation

It’s that time of the fleeting year, where we as a society begin to analyze what changes and/ or additions we can bring to our lives to make them better. The constant flood of weight watchers and gym commercials are a clear indicator of this clockwork mentality.

After losing weight, I feel most people are looking to reevaluate their job situation. Whether that be by changing career paths, asking for a raise, or for many of us, actually finding a job. I’m not going to lie, this past week or so, my job searching has been a bit laxed. I’ve ignored my golden rule that finding a job, in itself, is a full-time job.

This week however, I’m back on the wagon, (both in diet and in job searching *double-cough*). While the holidays for some reason can be depressing for some, for a job seeker it’s ideal! I’ll tell you why. Most PR firms are doing their budgeting for the next year; looking over the number, evaluating the freedom to expand or not, and looking at what clients are coming in or looking to gain its business.

So for that reason I feel like within the next couple of month’s I’d expect to see more openings to start popping up.

Along with focusing even harder, if that’s possible, on landing a job. I’ve also tried to focus harder on staying current on the news. The black and white days of getting the daily paper and perusing it over breakfast, died with the DOT COM. Not only, as an informed human being do I feel the need to stay current, but as a job seeker, the luxury is now a necessity. Then the question is where to start? With what publication(s)?

The rule of thumb I live by in this case, is I pick a reputable online newspaper that’s well rounded. It’s not easy and each paper has it’s own stance. Then I look towards publications that pertain to the PR industry and then sectors in which I fancy myself working in. Lastly I pick a blog or two on my blogroll and read up on their latest contributions. I take an hour, or two and do this everyday. Trying to be everywhere at one, especially when it comes to news for one, isn’t practical, and two, it’ll drive you crazy. Also, somethings aren’t particularly relatable.

In the past, I struggled with this. News seemed to mark my arrival into adulthood, which I tried to avoid. Now in my maturing mindset I see its value. If a company can see how you can match the current trends and relate that information to their clients or potential clients, it’s an asset for sure. Plus, most people doing the 9-5 grind, don’t have the luxury of taking the two hours to be informed. It’s not only a novelty, but it’s something that distinguishes you from competition.

I’m sure there are many more things that I can add to my reevaluation, but I’m a realist. I recall a piece of advice my AP history teacher asked me in high school. “Mackey [he liked to call his students by their last name], do you want to be good at a bunch of things, or excellent in a couple?” I took that to heart and bring a level of practicality to the new year.

I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas and like me are looking forward to 2011!


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