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Balance Moving Forward

The morning started off the same way it does every week day. I got up. Feed the dog. Took him out to do his business. Got dress, and finally headed out the door and off to the same parking lot I park at every day. As I was heading to the office, I spotted the SVP. He parks at the next lot over ($3.50 vs. $5/ day) which I found refreshing. Most of my co-workers park much closer and pay much more per day.

I finally caught up to him at one of the crosswalks. Before this morning, we’ve¬†exchanged¬†mere pleasantries, but that’s about it. At this point he was sort of forced to talked to me as we were heading to the same destination. I expected the conversation to be shallow; weather, commute, etc. And while we touched on each of those areas, he also shared some words of wisdom regarding his mentality of life versus work.

He shared about how some of his colleagues who all started at the same time as he did – devoted their lives to their work and while they are no further up the ladder then he is, they’re zombies (my words, not his). He was able to prioritize his ideals – putting family and his physical wellbeing above the grind.

As someone new to this environment, I try and absorb all of the edifying advice that I can. To quote David Frost, “don’t aim for success; just do what you love and believe in, and it will come naturally.”

This whole interaction was less then 10 minutes, but it shows how random acts can have a significant impact on others.

I hope I remember this for when I’m an SVP.


America’s Most Stressful Jobs 2011 (via CNBC)

I’ve been a little quiet lately. It’s been for a lot of good reasons; a lot to do with the link I’m about to share with you. But first the update. About two months ago I left Turner PR prematurely to pursue and opportunity with Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide in Denver. For those who’ve had a slight taste or a full immersion in this level of agency life, knows the level of productivity required. The amount of work, the pace required for turnaround, and the navigation savvy-ness required to maneuver through a dispersed team and client roster is a lot to take in. This is not to say that I’ve had a miserable experience thus far, merely to say that I’m loving the roller coaster ride.

Denver’s office in particular focuses heavily on technology clients. Some in the niche, deep tech field and others more on the consumer tech side. It’s been fun to dabble in both. I’ve also been integrated in Ogilvy’s masterful 360 DI (digital influence) practice. Overall, it’s been a great and well-rounded experience, and I hope to continue on here for many years to come.

Now to the article in which the title of this post comes from.

CNBC released the 2011 America’s Most Stressful Jobs report. Want to take a guess at which profession made it’s way on to the list? Not only did PR find it’s way on the list, but it also ranked high, as in #2. It’s definitely a sink or swim, eat or be eaten type of industry. I mean that not to say that it’s ruthless, but more to say that it takes perseverance. And for those PR job-seekers out there, sorry to say, that finding the job is hard, but don’t expect much sigh-time once you’ve settled into your cubicle.

Promise to be in touch more!