Monthly Archives: March 2014

I’m new to LA. I mean, real new. In fact, unless you’ve lived here virtually all your life – and then still maybe not – LA can seem overwhelming. There’s probably not another place on Earth that has the confluence of opportunity and obstacles. 

Coming from Colorado via Hawaii, there’s a certain rhythm that either you learn the choreography to quickly or you get trampled on. I’ve always appreciated dance: the contortions, light footwork and graceful focus, but I’ve never been good at it. Still, here I am, at the back of the studio, most likely honking my poor, overused horn to move up to the front of the class. 

As I’ve begun to rethink my reasoning for moving here, I’m trying to conjure to the surface the lesson to be learned. LA’s like Sonny from A Bronx Tale. The aggressive, unsophisticated, slightly unwanted yet appreciated mentor who takes you under his wing. He teaches you a lot about life, with the main takeaway of how to cope. Everyone here has a unique way of coping/existing. As I’ve seen it unfold, a sound amount of subjugation takes place in order to propel forward, which intrinsically speaking, isn’t me.