Tennis & Travel, who?

Hi there! My name is Paris Mackey and like you or maybe not, I’m a YoPRo (Young Public Relations Professional). I’ve recently graduated with a double degree in Public Relations and Communications. In college I was the guy who did everything right (I say modestly). I excelled in school, I networked with PR professionals in Denver, branded myself online (TennisandTravel), had five internships, one PR/ Marketing job, started and was president of our universities version of PRSSA and co-founded a PR firm for public relations students with actual clients and an office. I thought at the later stages of my senior year in college that I had set myself up pretty well for an entry-level job.

Six months later, jobless and searching I find that my initial notion was wrong. With that said though, I know that I’m not alone in this struggle and I’m appreciative of the experience and people I’ve met along the way, knowing that one day it will prove to be beneficial.

The purpose of this blog is to offer insight into the best ways to keep yourself active and visible- PR speaking, especially while you may be inactive and searching. This helps employers and recruiters find you, it also gives you an edge when you finally do land that interview. I’ve learned a lot through my experience so far that I’m anxious and excited to share. I’ve always enjoyed the idea of giving back and learning through others. So hopefully you can learn from my experience!

Oh, why “TennisandTravel?” Anyone who knows me, knows I have three main passions: My relationship with God, Tennis and Travel. It’s my hope to utilize my zeal for this craft in those prospective PR industries. With that said I’m ready to work my way there and I hope you are too!

I love interacting and connecting with people, so don’t be shy!


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