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I’m new to LA. I mean, real new. In fact, unless you’ve lived here virtually all your life – and then still maybe not – LA can seem overwhelming. There’s probably not another place on Earth that has the confluence of opportunity and obstacles. 

Coming from Colorado via Hawaii, there’s a certain rhythm that either you learn the choreography to quickly or you get trampled on. I’ve always appreciated dance: the contortions, light footwork and graceful focus, but I’ve never been good at it. Still, here I am, at the back of the studio, most likely honking my poor, overused horn to move up to the front of the class. 

As I’ve begun to rethink my reasoning for moving here, I’m trying to conjure to the surface the lesson to be learned. LA’s like Sonny from A Bronx Tale. The aggressive, unsophisticated, slightly unwanted yet appreciated mentor who takes you under his wing. He teaches you a lot about life, with the main takeaway of how to cope. Everyone here has a unique way of coping/existing. As I’ve seen it unfold, a sound amount of subjugation takes place in order to propel forward, which intrinsically speaking, isn’t me. 


Balance Moving Forward

The morning started off the same way it does every week day. I got up. Feed the dog. Took him out to do his business. Got dress, and finally headed out the door and off to the same parking lot I park at every day. As I was heading to the office, I spotted the SVP. He parks at the next lot over ($3.50 vs. $5/ day) which I found refreshing. Most of my co-workers park much closer and pay much more per day.

I finally caught up to him at one of the crosswalks. Before this morning, we’ve exchanged mere pleasantries, but that’s about it. At this point he was sort of forced to talked to me as we were heading to the same destination. I expected the conversation to be shallow; weather, commute, etc. And while we touched on each of those areas, he also shared some words of wisdom regarding his mentality of life versus work.

He shared about how some of his colleagues who all started at the same time as he did – devoted their lives to their work and while they are no further up the ladder then he is, they’re zombies (my words, not his). He was able to prioritize his ideals – putting family and his physical wellbeing above the grind.

As someone new to this environment, I try and absorb all of the edifying advice that I can. To quote David Frost, “don’t aim for success; just do what you love and believe in, and it will come naturally.”

This whole interaction was less then 10 minutes, but it shows how random acts can have a significant impact on others.

I hope I remember this for when I’m an SVP.

Guest Blogging

I’ve had the opportunity lately to guest blog. It’s been fun to have my thoughts seen from an audience that would have never stumbled across this blog. Let me know what you think.

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I don’t know about you, but I’m sure glad spring is coming early! This has been a rough winter, and I’m itching to get back out on the courts!


New Internship- Week 1

Today marked the completion of my first week at my new part-time, unpaid internship. I’m not going to list its name, not because I’ve had a bad experience, but because I found, unsurprisingly, that it has Google alerts set up to track the mention of its name, and I’d like to avoid the notoriety.

I know an unpaid, part-time internship, not to mention the 75 minute commute sounds pretty lame,  especially for someone who’s a college graduate with plenty of internship experience to boot, but I’ve enjoyed the past week immensely. With all of the experience that I did bring to the table with me, it’s been the first real agency experience under my belt.

By part-time I mean I work three times a week (M,W,F), and each of those days has been different and interesting at the same time. Because it’s a smaller agency atmosphere, I’ve seen the whole gamut of running a successful agency play out in front of me.

A lot of my responsibility has been surrounded by research and compilation of media hits and lists. I expected as much entering this internship, but the analytical tools behind it, that interprets the data is fascinating to me. The clients that I’m able to work with; the publication they’re mentioned in are top notch, and it’s so cool to be part of the behind the scenes process.

Something I didn’t expect was the realization of how much I didn’t know, or didn’t realize the intricacy of. I had a thorough, or so I thought grasp on the process, but working for multi-million dollar clients is quite different then where the majority of my experience came from- non profits. Not to say that one is better then another, just different.

Anyway other then a great first week, the women who work there (yes, I’m the only guy… ladies here I come) are just as nice and personable and welcoming as can be.

I can’t wait to see what future weeks hold in store, knowing that there’s so much more to learn and more responsibility to come. One last thing. In addition to this internship, I was also hired on by as a paid intern, where my primary responsibility will have to deal with research- something that I’m very eager to undertake. Can’t wait to bring you along for the ride.

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“Eye of the Intern” Blog

Today I received the email confirming I am one of five bloggers to write for’s Eye of the Intern” blog. Usually they recruit current students, in a variety of fields, but I guess I “pitched” myself well. I’ll be linking all of my posts for EOTI here, so stay tuned for that, I start in January!