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Cool Tool

As I was cleaning out my inbox I saw a link to this really neat job searching tool called Twitjobsearch that compiles job opportunities from twitter based on key search terms. What appears to be so beneficial to me about this particular service compared to the other countless  services out there is the immediacy of the post, if you’re able to monitor the feed often. The old adage: “the early bird gets the worm” may be even more true as it pertain to looking for a job.

In the same line of thinking. Google Alerts are super helpful if your looking for a job. Put in those key phrases, including the company, if you have a list of companies you’d love to work for, and let Google do the work for you.

Take advantage of these tools that people aren’t either privy to, or haven’t taken advantage of.

Happy job hunting and Happy Martin Luther King Day… Keep Dreaming!


Heart vs. Mind: On the PR battlefield

Tomorrow I have an interview with Turner PR in Denver. And tonight as I was perusing its web site, for what must have been the 50th time in preparation for tomorrow, I was struck by an overwhelming sense of jubilation and confliction.

When I decided to go into public relations, I had a general idea of what it was- I knew that I would be able to utilize my love for creative writing, research, and relationship building. What sealed the deal was a random google search for “travel pr.” Who would’ve guessed that after I hit enter, my overall vision and purpose for my time in college and burgeoning career would change?

The google search poped out a variety of cases studies, travel guides and of course firms specializing in that exact thing. One of which was Turner PR. It wasn’t even the client list including: Eddie Bauer, The North Face, REI, KSWISS- responsible for ‘Desert Smash,’ a charity golf and TENNIS event (HELLO! Talk about perfect for me!). It was the people behind those campaigns. These principals are cultured, passionate and add charisma to this niche of public relations. Adjectives that I would attribute to myself as well.

How can the son of a glorified chef, outdoor enthusiast, travel maven (if not now, one day), sport zealot and the fact that I was born and raised in Hawaii not be cut out for this type of work? Not to mention the qualifications I have on the PR side of things.*I’m not usually this boastful, at all. But given this is filed under ‘inner dialogue’ you get what you get.*

Going into tomorrow’s interview, I know two things: 1. It’s 20 hr/week unpaid internship and 2. It’s my dream firm. How do I begin to calculate the risk vs. reward of this situation? On one hand, I have this great opportunity, granted I get offered the position to potentially work my way into a AAE position at this firm, if that growth is possible. On the other hand I’ve graduated, have bills to pay, live 60 miles away from Denver (talk about a commute) and would have to turn down potential interests from interviews that I’ve already had and waiting to hear back from (that are either paid internships of entry-level jobs).

Following your heart, has been a centralized theme for mankind, from the moment our species was breathed into existence. Turner PR was a main if not the reason I pursued this career path in addition to the reason I already stated earlier. All of us, no matter what career we’ve chosen for ourselves was inspired by someone or something.

I’ve always sought opportunities that are rewarding and fulfilling. It’s what makes doing something you love so important.

Wish me luck!